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The myth of Narcissus in the Greek Mythology is a warning against vanity and self-love. Sometimes we get so caught up in our being, in our ego [Latin, ‘I am’], that we lose sight of the bigger picture and, as a result, pass over the beauty and bounty that is life.
Designer and artist, Najma Temsoury has always been fascinated by the creation and the interior design field. Light and the perception have a major importance in her work. «what I like is to use perception to have my objects static yet in movement». This is indeed what we see in the vase ‘Narcisse’ designed for Maison Dada.
Narcisse vase brings reflection to one’s eyes. Using the optical lens lets the colors, the forms and the details of the flowers to be carefully revealed, while creating a visual movement.

Dimensions & Specifications

W30 * D16.6 * H45cm

Materials & Finishing

Base: plywood & MDF with veneer, stainless steel tube, lens in PMMA with dia 300mm Colours: Walnut, Oak, Black


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