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Dual Heritage

Maison Dada is a French design editor founded by Thomas Dariel launched between Shanghai and Paris in 2016.  

Maison Dada was born out of the wild dream to introduce Dadaism into its international audience ‘s everyday life.

French Elegance

Maison Dada develops a wide range of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories bearing in mind the need to create unexpected pieces with a touch a French Spirit deviating from the “ordinary”.

We create objects defying certainty, taste and sometimes gravity. The style is poetic, bold and audacious.


Maison Dada is proud of its French-Chinese dual origin. Our pieces are brought to life by revisiting ancestral Asian techniques such as lacquer and ceramics which allows us to create unique chromatic extravaganza.


Maison Dada artistic director Thomas Dariel designs his own pieces and supervise the overall collections. 

He invites French and International designers and artists to develop their vision of the dada spirit for an object or a series. 

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