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Sarah Willemart


Sarah Willemart (1996) is a Product Designer born in Brussels, Belgium. In 2017, she received her Bachelor Degree with Distinction at ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels. She was then awarded the Burberry Design Scholarship to complete her education with a Master Degree at the Royal College of Art in London. Jules was first designed in 2019 at the Royal College of Art and was selected amongst the finalists of the Rado Star Prize 2019 to exhibit at the London Design Festival.

In 2020, Sarah also won the Dezeen X Samsung out of the Box Competition with her project Endangered Animals designed together with Matthieu Muller. Her work is a meeting between poetry and playfulness with a commitment to detail and quality.

« The relation between the object and the user is really fundamental for me. In fact, I think that one of our duty as designer is to design long lasting products. I want to design objects that will be transmitted from a generation to another. Objects that are lasting not only because they are physically capable of surviving through the years but also because we love them so much and that they give us so much of their quality that we will love them every single day.»

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