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Clément Vuillier

Artist, illustrator

Clément Vuillier is a resourceful man, the child of the snowy summits, the man of the black fir trees and of the wind that beats the rocky summits of the Hautes Pyrénées. We know where we come from when we come from Bagnères de Bigorre. His lungs inflated with pure air, Clément begins his journey in Paris, at the Estienne school, then goes to Strasbourg, at the School of Decorative Arts. With Idir Davaine, he then founded the publishing structure les éditions 3 fois par jour; they regularly publish books and posters, elegantly combining silkscreen printing, intelligence and talent.

Clément now lives and works in Paris, multiplies his graphic research and offers his meticulous and teeming worlds to the public. In his studio in Vitry, between two escapades at the foot of the Bellifontain rocks, he also practises sculpture. He also regularly collaborates with the graphic designer Lysiane Bollenbach.

The 2024 editions published in 2015 “Le voyage céleste extatique” and in 2019 “L’année de la comète”. Other titles by Clément Vuillier are published three times a day: Canicule, Flat, Nous partîmes 500, L’oracle de Delft, Taïho! (collective work) and Les Succulentes.

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